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Welcome to Member Berries.

Thank you for considering Member Berries, as your new home.

If you can't meet the following requirements, do not bother applying.

  • As we raid wednesday, thursday and sunday 19:30-23:00, we expect you to be available on all these days and keep a very high attendance. In case you won't be able to make a raid, please keep the officer team informed at all times.
  • We're starting invites at 19:15, and you should be at the raid instance, at 19:25 at the latest, we do not wish to waste precious time, waiting for you to finish the dishes, we want to get going and make the best out of it. We also have a fixed break at 21:15, this is usually a 10 minute break, and you are expected to be back when the break is over.
  • It is a requirement that you are able to analyze logs, to see how you can improve, and even involve them in your preparation towards the encounters.
  • Always show up with food buffs, flask, potions and augment runes.
  • Be capable of performing with your character on a very high level, and at the same time be able to perform mechanics on a high level. Remember that maintaining good DPS while executing all mechanics properly, makes a good player.
  • Make sure that you are fully enchanted, gemmed and optimized.
  • It's important to have a secondary character that you maintain, so that we can make use of that class/spec if a suitable opportunity occurs, where your main won't be as viable as the secondary character.
  • Since BfA removed the Master Looter option, loot distribution will be slightly different. We will still be using RCLootCouncil, but we can't distribute the items ourselves. Items are untradeable if they are an item level upgrade for people, however this is only the case for the first item in the slot. This means that once your character has received an item, even if you didn't equip it, you will be able to trade items of ilvls up to that item.
  • This means that during the first few weeks of tier releases, most gear will be kept by the person who gets it. If an item CAN be traded, it will go through RCLootCouncil automatically, and the officers will decide who the item goes to, just like with the old Master Looter system. Failure to meet these rules will be regarded as an attempt to devalue the raid, and will have appropriate consequences, decided by the officers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the officers.

In Member Berries we have a few rules concerning behaviour as well, which need to be followed at any time.

  • We do not tolerate people yelling up on discord, during our raid times, as it's spreading negativity towards the raid team as a whole.
  • We do not tolerate hatred towards eachother. We are playing as a team of friends, and we need to remain that way.
  • If you are going to be whiny about loot, strategies and so on, please do find somewhere else to spend your time. In Member Berries we're always focused towards benefiting the raid roster, to our best ability.

If you feel like you are meeting all of these requirements, please do apply to our guild. We are always looking for exceptional players. Even if your class isn't stated, please still do apply, if you think you got what it takes.


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