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Balomohr / Nov 02, 2018 / Front Page
Member Berries have decided to quit raiding the 04.04.2019

We appreciate all the interest, applications and the fun times we had together. And also that we once again got Famed Conquerer of Dazar'alor as a team as we finished up Jaina as 200 WR

Member Berries finish up Uldir with a Reorigination Blast!

September 12: Taloc Falls - 419 WR
September 13: Mother Falls - 409 WR
September 17: Zek'voz Falls - 324 WR
September 26: Vectis Falls - 452 WR
October 4: Fetid Falls - 383 WR
October 7: Zul Falls - 303 WR
October 17: Mythrax Falls - 286 WR
November 1: G'huun Falls - 249 WR

As stated above, you can see the road we've been through. Member Berries have improved a lot since previous tiers and are looking to improve even more. One of the big achievements and goals in this expansion was to be a part of Hall of Fame: G'huun (Alliance), which was for the first 100 alliance guilds to kill G'huun.

Our progression on G'huun started out rather problematic. We had a lot of random disconnects, a lot of phone calls to ISP's and overall a bumpy road. We still managed to maximize our raid time and bring in decent setups so we could keep on progressing.

With a bunch of resets, warlock gates, statues and transcendence positioned we could finally start our progression. It took some time to get the hang of the amount of orbs spawning and some adjustment to not get overrun and with the damage increase gained from the Dark Bargain we could easily clear out the Spawns of G'huun to assure we wouldn't get overrun. The synchronized dunks required also took a few pulls to get the hang of and the roots on players running also made an interesting mechanic. Going into phase 2 our main goal was to execute mechanics to our best ability as there is no special damage requirement for this boss, before phase 3. It took us a while to learn the bursting boil mechanic, we had our amount of mind controls and combat ressurections thrown in that direction, but after a while we started showing consistency.

With the final Reorigination Blast pushing us into phase 3, we were ready to do the collapse and minimize our damage intake. And as G'huun once again became a viable target, we positioned ourselves at our markers, using our heroism and second pots. At this stage it was basically a question about dodging the malignant growth, fear and make sure to spread the 5 yards required on wave of corruption. It did take us a couple of pulls into phase 3, before we started executing the encounter.

After a lot of good pulls in a row, we finally managed to pull through and we can now call Member Berries a part of the Alliance sides Hall of Fame: G'huun (Alliance)

Kill video:

Balomohr / Oct 19, 2018
Member Berries are still recruiting exceptional players, looking further into this content and also with the thoughts towards BFA. Especially looking for a windwalker monk and hunter, at this given moment. However all exceptional applicants will be considered.

Read this post, before applying.

Going into Battle for Azeroth as a guild has been a huge advantage for everyone in Member Berries. Our synergy and players have grown a lot since Legion and stepping our feet into Uldir has also proven, that we are here to compete and keep on improving.

Finishing last tier as world rank 583 and finishing Mythrax now bringing us into top 300 world, which is a long term goal, finally happening.

We are of course already investing time in G'huun mythic, and we are looking forward to progress it a lot more, as the last encounter of this tier.

A picture from our kill on Mythrax:

A video from our kill on Mythrax:
Balomohr / Apr 17, 2018
Member Berries are still recruiting exceptional players, looking further into this content and also with the thoughts towards BFA. Especially looking for a restoration shaman, at this given moment. However all exceptional applicants will be considered.

Please have a read, before applying.

It's been a long road in Antorus, the Burning Throne. We have had a lot of ups and downs along the way. We fought through all of the encounters that we met, some proved to be more difficult than others, but nothing that could stop our progression.

After Aggramar finally threw his sword, Taeshalach, to the ground and took his final breath, we knew we were facing an encounter that was going to take a lot of time, preparation and improved knowledge. We realized this wasn't a usual opponent, but a Titan standing in front of our feet in the arena.

As we engaged this titan, we surely felt he wasn't in the mood for visitors. As an easy showing from his perspective, he scythed us, used his cone of death and really had us imprisoned for a moment. It took some time, a lot of deaths to the death fog, a lot of escorting and a lot of spreading with the fears and rages, and fearless as Berries are, we had to adjust our strategy to gain full advantage into the fight.
As the titan fell to 70 percent, and with our magnificent damage, we got the hang of the guaranteed push, leaving us with advantage for the second phase of the encounter. We came into this phase having already learned to adapt to his fears and rages, and the new mechanics, Soulbomb and Soulburst, paired with Edge of Obliteration was something we easily adapted towards. A lot of escorts, tank swaps and communication made our transition to phase 3 fast and clean.
As we released to his secret phase, we knew we had to do something. He already regained some of his lost power, and healed back 20 %, so now he had the advantage on us. With a lot of coordination, baits, soaks and escorting, we managed to get a pretty good hold of him. With the additional mechanics of breaking chains, sustaining the sentences and killing the modules, we finally reached into our breaking point, with heroism, pots and cooldowns up. At this point we truly burned the Titan down and as he fell to his knees, Member Berries once again went victorious.

Of course a photo of our team, which managed to down the Titan!

And of course a kill video link.
Balomohr / Feb 22, 2018
There's no doubt that Aggramar has been the hardest encounter we have faced so far going in to Antorus, the Burning Throne. We've had complications with this boss, as Embers exploded, flares was poorly positioned and flame rends punished us, but after a while of progression into the encounter, our raiders quickly learned to adapt to the situations, improving add CCs, knockbacks and movement as needed. It didn't take us too many phase 3 pulls, before we finally claimed the kill on Aggramar.

It surely was a fun progression boss, and at the same time frustrating, as it required so much coordination, to succeed. With Aggramar dead, it leaves us left with Argus, the Unmaker as our next target, and we hope to be able to get a feeling of the fight soon, so we can start progressing him, and be one step closer to Cutting Edge in this content.

However we are still recruiting a resto druid, discipline priest and a balance druid. All applications are however considered, so if you think you got what it takes to raid in a semi-hardcore guild, with a friendly environment and goals, please do apply to us, and we'll get back to you.

Of course there's a kill photo attached to these news, with an awesome photo of Member Berries in front of Aggramars dead body.
Balomohr / Feb 19, 2018
Member Berries has fought Varimathras and Coven multiple times with great succes. Now we're looking towards Aggrammar, which we already have a great handle on. We managed to get a few 15-10 % pulls the last nights and are looking to execute the encounter anytime soon. It's been a lot of embers walking all over us, techniques confusing us and flare-baits, which took some adjusting.

We are however still recruiting, in particular an resto druid, balance druid, discipline priest and a rogue.

Even if you aren't mentioned on the recruitment message above, please still do apply, as all exceptionel applicants are very well considered.

Balomohr / Jan 10, 2018
We're still recruiting, especially looking for a balance druid, shadow priest and a reso shaman for our future progression in Antorus, the Burning Throne!

Cyclone Gaming starting out strong in 2018 reclearing Antorus and facing off towards Kin'garoth shortly after, even an army of robots wasn't enough to hit our brakes and we managed to clean the fight pretty easily, we were confident, prepared and hyped for this encounter and with our team showing off great strength we managed to kill Kin'garoth in 7 pulls, which we are proud of.

Next up is Varimathras, which we already progressed to roughly the 18% mark, with a lot of adds spawning, holding on to our ressources and burning them down one by one, we managed to get a great peak of the frost phase, which means that we had to work a little faster to get out with the necrotic and maximize our movements, to minimize the amount of necrotic spreading to the whole team, that sure is a hell of a disease.

Of course there's a video attached to our Kin'garoth kill and we'll have a new one coming up, as Varimathras realises that he can't hide in his own shadows for much longer.
Balomohr / Dec 23, 2017
Cyclone Gaming is ready for Christmas as we go 6/11M!

- Cyclone Gaming is still recruiting a shadow priest and balance druids - all applicants is taken into consideration, so if you think you have what it takes to make it into our progression team, please do apply and we'll get back to you.

We've always heard that if we were naughty we wouldn't get any presents from Santa, it seems like the whole squad at Cyclone Gaming have been behaving themselfs to their best ability, as we managed to get down Imonar the Soulhunter for our christmas present. With a lot of rush over the bridges to make it to our families for christmas, and to avoid the amount of traffic that christmas can cause, we finally made it, every single one of us. It has been a good challenge with specific bombs getting into play and some careful steps throughout the encounter, with knowledge came power and the more familiar we got with the bridges, the easier the fight became. We would've wished that we could've leaped over the bridge like Imonar the Soulhunter does, that in particular would've made this a lot easier.

A lot of our raiders has been sleeping throughout the progression, but who can blame them, as they want to be well-rested for christmas with their families. If it wasn't for our squad of 5 healers managing to poke them awake every time with their magic dispells, we sure would have ran into more issues on this encounter.

Next up is Kin'Garoth which we all look forward to progressing, planning and experimenting on.

On behalf of all at Cyclone Gaming we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the next year bring us all joy, new encounters, new friendships and loot as we've never seen it before!
Balomohr / Dec 13, 2017
With the doors opening to the entrance of Antorus the Burning Throne our recruitment has been very efficient and we have found a strong team of candidates that's now among us.

However we are still looking to expand our roster even further, all good candidates will be considered, but mainly in need of a shadow priest, warlock and an balance druid.

It's been a good ride through normal and heroic to experience the encounters, with a little of a let down when we arrived at the feet of Argus the Unmaker of heroic and took him down with one pull.

We are proud to say that we in the opening week of mythic managed to fight our way to a 5/11M title, and we are looking very much forward to the upcoming encounters in Antorus on mythic.

With the motivation of our raiders we had a lot of fun exploring the first encounters, letting us to fight through Garothi Worldbreaker furthermore we decided to go for Antoran High Command and finally killed them off with interesting pod mechanics. Felhounds also saw their need to rest, as we ran out of bait to keep them calm, and Portal Keeper Hasabel had us confused with her magic in the portals, but we surely figured out fast a way to handle the mechanics to lead us to victory. Playing the tower defense to save Eonar was interesting and a lot of our roster got a insight in what's really going on inside the Paraxis. After a lot of spell locks, limited movements, knockups and fixates we fought our way against the legion army, to save the glorious Eonar, which was the least we could do after the help that was brought to us at Argus the Unmaker.

Member Berries turns into Cyclone Gaming

This is a huge announcement for everyone in Member Berries as we're changing our guild name to Cyclone Gaming. With this big change a lot will happen, we will strive towards a bit more hardcore environment, still with the focus and goal of getting the Cutting Edge in all upcoming raids.

Of course with a sponsor, comes big responsibility and we're still willing to focus on being as professional as we've been so far. This change means a lot for our raiders as well, as we will have implemented give aways, and other fun competition, so that the raiders can feel rewarded with this change, so there's going to be a lot of new and awesome perks for everyone.

Kil'Jaeden is finally the last boss on Mythic to taste the dust in this current content. It's been one hard boss, with long raid nights and intensity, but still Cyclone Gaming managed to keep a positive, motivational and professional raid environment, and in the end we proven that we're capable of securing just another Cutting Edge during this expansion. Very proud of my raiders, well done to every single one of you. For now we will take a chill and prepare ourselves for Antorus to come - ToS has without a doubt been difficult, but a good experience to fight through as a guild.

Of course at last, we won't be posting this without our kill photo and video attached.